Space Trader 2016 is now available on the App Store!

Travel the galaxy, become an expert trader, fight pirates, and run from the police in Space Trader! A much-anticipated remake of the hugely popular, timeless strategy game from the 1980s, Space Trader 2016 is a historically accurate port of the original Palm Pilot game by Pieter Spronck. It features the original ten commodities and more than 100 original planets, each with unique tech levels, governments, resources, and other characteristics.


Space Trader 2016 is based on the classic strategy game originally released for PalmOS and Windows Mobile PDAs in the early 2000s. It's history is long and fascinating, and we encourage you to read about its history the many individuals who had a hand in its history!

David Braben and Ian Bell, the creators of Elite; Doug Caruthers, who created Space Trader 64 for the Commodore 64 in 1983; Matt Lee, who created DopeWars; David J. Webb, who created SolarWars for PalmPilot; Pieter Spronck, who created Space Trader for PalmOS in 2002; Jon Welch, who created Space Trader for Pocket PC in 2004; Jay French, who created Space Trader for Windows; and Dead Jim Studios, who created Dark Nova for iOS and Android in 2009.



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Source Code

Space Trader 2016 is released under the GNU General Public License, Version 3.

The source code is available at


Space Trader 2016 is copyright Marc Auger. UI Design and icon modifications by Steph Avalos-Bock.

All of the icons are from the Noun Project. The menu icon is by Konstantinos Riginos. In the tab bar, the planet is by Creative Stall; the shopping cart is by Joe Pictos; the construction cane is by Ilya Kolbin; the shipyard icon is Naboo Starfighter by Jonas Nullens; and the warp icon is Super Swirl by Steph Szabo. The trader badge is the dollar sign by Icon Island; the special badge is Alert by Lloyd Humphreys; the police badge is Badge by Reed Enger; the pirate badge is Skull and Crossbones by Alex Auda Samora; and the alien is Alien by retinaicon. The starfield image credit is NASA/ESA/UCSC/Leiden Univ.


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We look forward to hearing about your experience playing the game, fun memories of previous versions, and bug reports.

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